Various scientific studies affirm it, and that is that having around 100 orgasmsa year increases uk mistresses life and you can visit our site expectancy by eight and a half years. The study was conducted in both men and women, and the result was more or less the same for both.

The sexIt also improves uk mistresses your body posture , says a scientific study conducted on Belgian women, in which they observed how women who had enjoyed a vaginal orgasm , walked much more erect, more energetic and sexually , while those who had not, not.

Periodic lovemaking alleviates headaches, low-grade pain, according to a study conducted in the United States.migraines and the back pains. So the excuse ofheadacheto avoid sexual relations it is ruled out.

A scientific study from the University of Pennsylvania revealed that people who make love, at least twice a week, were less likely to have a heart attack. So if you want a healthy heart , do not leave sexual relations aside.

The prolactin is found in semen, and a hormone related to happiness. According to a study, people who have sex also increase the production of prolactin and therefore avoid depressive disorders .

Both inside and out. Muscle contractions during intercourse will keep your reproductive system in shape. Furthermore, theintercourseThey are one of the most effective activities that exist, in fact, making love three times a week equals one hour in the gym. So sex is a perfect ally to keep your body in shape .

A scientific study conducted in France revealed that women with little regular sexual activity are three times more likely to have cancer . The reason? Some properties of semen help prevent it.

During sexual intercourse the blood pressure tends to drop , which is perfect for preventing diseases related toheart.

Having satisfying sex also affects uk mistresses mood , and for good. It is scientifically proven that women who have enjoyed an orgasm look more smiling and happy .



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